Tenant evictions and tenant lockouts

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Tenant Evictions and Tenant lockouts can get pretty ugly when the tenant tries to re gain access! Our Guards are fully trained and able to handle most situations. Each week a tenant in Melbourne is either locked out for not paying rent or simply being evicted because of breaking the conditions of the lease. Property owners wishing to lock out tenants in breach of a lease can use our security guards to minimize damage and conflict at this time.

Onsite security guards over night or over the weekend to prevent any theft and damage from criminals and or stupid youths vandalizing your property and equipment. Having a static guard on the site will stop any chance of theft or damage from disgruntled Tenants. We also cater for Office and retail security guard needs for Lock outs and staff removal! please phone us anytime to find out more about our services.

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Construction Site Security Guards MelbourneOur Staff are monitored by a very clever App with GPS GOOGLE MAPPING systems to provide service verification and quality assurance across our guarding operations, this same APP which also gives the logs the movements of personnel on site. This clever App is used via smartphones that is monitored by our operations managers 24 hours per day. Victoria Mobile security SERVICES, ONSITE SECURITY GUARD, Black Tie Event Corporate events, Security Melbourne, Fashion Events Melbourne Weddings Security Melbourne, Private parties Security Melbourne, Sporting events Security Melbourne, Gallery openings Security Melbourne, Museum exhibits Security Melbourne.

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