Aged Care Aggressive Behavior

Changes in the behavior of people with dementia are very common. Sometimes this can include aggressive behaviors such as verbal abuse, verbal threats, hitting out, damaging property or physical violence towards another person.
We have the Security/Support staff to assist day and night so you can feel safe and keep the loved one safe. Even if it is only for the one night you want to take off knowing that you’re loved one( in house patient ) is safe with our Security/Support staff.

Dementia Stage One – Pre-illness.
Dementia Stage Two – Very mild signs of cognitive decline.
Dementia Stage Three – Signs of decline go from very mild to mild.
Dementia Stage Four – Moderate cognitive decline. .
Dementia Stage Five – Moderately severe signs of cognitive decline.
Dementia Stage Six – Severe dementia.

People with dementia have the same needs we all have. These include the need to be comfortable and free from pain, able to interact with other people. Hire Security/Support Worker Staff Member for Aged Care Client resident living.

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