Commercial Tenant Evictions

No need to put yourself or staff at risk with tenants that a violent, angry or outright stubborn.

Tenant evictions and tenant lockouts
Tenant evictions and tenant lockouts

Trained experienced Security guards to assists in the removal process of .
~ Commercial Tenant Evictions.
~ Commercial Tenant Lockouts.
~ Commercial Removal supervision of Plant & equipment .

Our Call out Fees include: ~ Experienced Security Guards ~ Reports ~ Real time communication ~ Video Recording and Locksmith if required.

Prior to the Event, If needed a legal document will be emailed to you to give the security guard the authorization in writing to act on behalf of the owners. This legal form is to revoke the tenant’s rights to remain on the premises and request them to now leave this property. Should persons fail or refuse to leave within a reasonable time, they will be committing the offence of wilful trespass and reasonable force may be used to remove them from the property. ✔ Tenant Removal Victoria.

The post-event proceeding may involve giving a Police Statement and or appearances in court. This factor is included in the Quote.

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We are open 24 hours 7 Days a week.

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Please note our fees are claimable against the tenant.

Tenant Eviction made easy with the use of our security

Construction Site Security Guards Melbourne

Our use of GPS Location Tagging on our Security Guards gives us the leading edge on efficiency. All our Security Guards are Mapped with a geographical location software, so when our Security Guards punch in and out, we know their location. Each building or construction site is given a scan code for each checkpoint. Eviction process victoria, how to evict a tenant without rental agreement victoria, ending a tenancy VIC, tenant removal, tenant removal victoria