Construction Site Procedures

10/11/18 14:01

Effective immediately

Standard Construction Site Procedures

Basic PPE requirements

  1. Hard Hat to be worn at all times
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. Steel capped Safety Boots
  4. Long sleeve shirt.
  5. Security Hi Vis Vest or company approved  Hi-Vis Attire
  6. Working Smartphone fully charged.
  7. Torche fully charged hand held. ( your Phone is not a Torch )
  8. Set your phone alarm for 30-minute intervals if needed.

New Signage with Barcode Scan for Site Verification

Physical duties are: to patrol the area at all times with EVERY 30 MINUTES using My Time Station App.

Use scan code on Security Guards Melbourne signage. If more then one sign is on the construction site, alternate between the other signage every 30 minutes.

Simply open the My Time Station App and use the camera option to scan the FULL  Barcode in the window of the screen.

Standard Requirements

  1. Arrive onsite 15 minutes before the shift to be Briefed.
  2. LOGIN on My Time Station with your personal Pin to start the shift.
  3. Report any suspicious activity.
  4. Do Not Leave site until handover to Client or other Guard.
  5. Do not use your mobile phone for personal use.
  6. LOGOUT on My Time Station with your personal Pin at the end of your shift while onsite

Construction site Onsite Verification

Construction site Onsite Verification