Event PR Staff

 Do you need Event PR  staff ? and also need Security ? why not mix it up ! A well planned Publicity Event with suitable Staff.

Did you know that we also supply event staff for Industry events, PR events that are licenced, security guards!
He is an example:  We Recent did a job with a familiar popular food delivery app service, we rostered a suitable confident trained security guard who was undercover with the client’s Logo T-Shirt and with Covert Security ID card /Lanyard.
It covers all the bases with Trained and Friendly security onsite, as part of the PR event, obviously ONLY suitable guards can be rostered for these type of shifts. It makes cents! Lol saves – saves money when you have a staff that can carry out two types of tasks all at the same time.

The Security guard can not just represent a product but also protect the event also ! Crowd control is a major part of the task, asking public to line up and behave in a orderly manner, normal PR staff struggle with this as they lack the training and experience.

Loss Prevention is another skill set of the undercover security guard, onsite protecting your products from being stolen.

Drunk or Drug affected public handled professionally by the security guard, not by a normal PR person who could face Dangers from an escalating situation, Verbal abuse and get seriously Hurt.