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LGBTIQ Security

LGBTIQ Security


Our company supports the LGBTIQ communities and events, with discounts and or sponsorships.

We are a employer of some great LGBTIQ Security staff members and we are a strong supporter of all in the LGBTIQ community, this what makes a difference at your event with, safe, friendly and professional trained Male and Female Security Guards that understand.

We pride ourselves on having suitable guards for all occasions available to provide you with security to meet every need to protect you and your assets through out Melbourne and Victoria.

Standing strong against this fight for equality is for everyone, don’t do this alone get the support from the professionals. We are here to help. Love is Love, and every one deserves Love ! “It is our Humanity that gives Love”
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LGBTIQ Feel Safe and Secure with us!

Phone: (03) 9005 7670  

 Email: contact@securityguards.melbourne

We are open 24 hours 7 Days a week.  Google    Instagram


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Security Guards Melbourne ACN: 121-241-674 | ABN: 75-121-241-674 (since 2006)
LGBTIQ Melbourne Security Guard Provider that you can trust.

Fully licensed by the Victoria Police Firearms License: 758-987-50H Security Business license: 758-987-02S    ASIAL member: 041563

LGBTIQ Security Personal Bodyguards

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The ‘yes‘ vote in the same-sex marriage survey was met  celebrations. Security Guards Melbourne was on the ground for this event. .