Mortgagee in possession, Warrant to seize property.

Mortgagee in possession.
Warrant to seize property.

The 2020- 2021 Black List from Banks, capital lenders, and private lenders that are frustrated that they haven’t been able to process any mortgagee in possession court orders ( Warrant to cease property ) either before or during the Covid lockdown period.
The backlog in the courts and also the frustrating fact that the sheriff officers have not been available throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.
“CIVIL WARRANT ASSURANCE TEAM Our office wishes to advise planning is now underway to return Sheriff’s Officers to phased operational duties in line with all COVID safe requirements.”No doubt into 2021 that the backlog will spread it out right up till mid part of the year and of course the backlog will be just trying to catch up with the current court proceedings for all the businesses that are will without a doubt, hit the wall throughout the commercial real estate community.
Our officers are available to carry out the same services like the Sheriff’s office CIVIL WARRANT ASSURANCE TEAM on call within a 24 hour period we can facilitate the Warrant to seize property, getting back your asset.

If all the paperwork is available today! we can in some cases do the seizing property with JUDGMENT FOR RECOVERY OF LAND same day.

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