Book your Security Guard Melbourne Now ! To be on Call for when the lights go out Victoria.

Large swathes of Australia, Melbourne to Northern coast of NSW are in the midst of an energy crisis with residents warned of potential power outages from 17/ JUNE 2022.

Multiple News notices published on the Australian Energy Market Operator’s website on Tuesday warned of maximum power load interruptions in five states.

What does this mean to you and I and the business owner in Melbourne, Victoria ?

This means that your alarm system will go off-line, your modem won’t work, and your electronic doors and locking system at your commercial premises will fail. Automatic doors with no manual locking system will leave you wide open. NO CAMERAS, NO ALARM, NO ELECTRONIC DOORS LOCKED.

Don’t leave it to the last minute book one of our security guards in Melbourne or regional Victoria. Duties can include Guarding your assets, and stock, mostly patrolling your premises so CRIMINALS DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS POWER OUTAGE.

Criminals are using power blackouts to their advantage

Matt Kean has been given emergency powers to direct coal supplies into the energy grid as the NSW government prepares to unveil its budget. Subscribe to 10 News First to get the latest updates and breaking news: https://bit.ly/37DDbL1#MattKean#Energy#Electrciity#Coal#EnergyCrisis#Emergency#CostOfLiving#NSW Join the conversation and follow us on: Twitter: http://twitter.com/10NewsFirst Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/10NewsFirst/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/10NewsFirst/ 10 News First airs at 5pm, seven nights a week in your local market on Network 10. Missed the bulletin? Catch up at https://10play.com.au/news 10 News First is based in Australia and is a division of Paramount

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