Residential Security Guards

Residential Security Guards

Real Estate Property Protection, Not like the good old days when the kids played in the street and we left the front door unlocked, why do we need Residential Security Guards ?. Today we have gangs of youths roaming the streets causing damage and breaking into our houses to steal our cars.

Empty units and house waiting on new tenants or handover from the builder developers are also at risk of being vandalised and damaged by these gangs, youths, criminals. Real estate agents have a constant issue with the property being damaged while vacant, there is a simple way with Security Guards Melbourne with a Protective Services Residential Property Protection Package.

Builder and developers greatest fears is a delayed settlement  ! this can happen but when it is because the residential project was completed and only days from hand over the premises were damaged and vandalized by youths on a rampage one Saturday night roaming the local street on alcohol-fuelled damage causing spree!

Our Residential Security Guards will Patrol and roam around your residential project and even be inside the premises roaming so any random vagrant thinking of doing any damage can see the vigilant alert Security guard is waiting to act upon any criminal possibilities. Our Residential Security Guards will Protection your assets in Melbourne. Protecting residential communities in Melbourne.

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Construction Site Security Guards MelbourneTHIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY SECURITY GUARDS MELBOURNEOur use of GPS Location Tagging on our Security Guards gives us the leading edge on efficiency. All our Security Guards are Mapped with a geographical location software, so when our Security Guards punch in and out, we know their location. Each building or construction site is given a scan code for each checkpoint. Hire Security Guard Melbourne.

Security Guards Melbourne ACN: 121-241-674 | ABN: 75-121-241-674 (since 2006)
Residential Melbourne Security Guard Provider that you can trust.

Fully licensed by the Victoria Police Firearms License: 758-987-50H Security Business license: 758-987-02S    ASIAL member: 041563


Our Residential Security Guards are monitored by a very clever App with GPS GOOGLE MAPPING systems to provide service verification and quality assurance across our guarding operations, this same APP which also gives the logs the movements of personnel on site. This clever App is used via smartphones that are monitored by our operations managers 24 hours per day. Victoria Mobile security SERVICES, ONSITE SECURITY GUARD, security guard quote, Sit in Security, Real Estate Property, Protection, Security Guard solutions, Squatters invasion, Melbourne Squatters forcible eviction, Hire Security Guard Melbourne