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Casual clients that do not normally hire security guards can easily access book and pay with no fuss. Safe & Fully Licenced, and covered with Insured Public Liability & Work cover. Security Services Melbourne professionals, What does Security Cost? a regular question, see below.

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Must be paid in full prior to booking, extra charges will apply if in a regional area and or if the booking is on a Sunday or Public Holiday. Phone us first if you have any questions. t: (03) 9005 7670 m: 0467 341 387 

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Photo Security Guards Choices Price Set Hours
Basic Security Guard Melbourne ✔️Basic Static Security Guard ( Set 6 hours, one guard ) NOT FOR EVENTS $234
Standard Security Guard ✔️Standard Crowd Control ( Set 5 hours, one guard ) $245
Premium Security Guards Melbourne ✔️Executive Crowd Control ( Set 5 hours, one guard ) $345
Personal Security Bodyguards ✔️Bodyguard Close Protection ( Set 5 hours, one guard ) $650
Bodyguard Celeb ✔️Armed (1) Guard ( Tactical with 9mm Glock ) per hour Maximal Protection $180
Nurse Care Security Guards Melbourne ✔️Mobile Patrol Site Visit ( up to 15 minutes onsite Patrol ) ) $80
Tenant Evictions Security Guards Conflict Management ~ Domestic Violence ~ Tenant Eviction ~ Employee Removal ( conditions apply ) $1,400
VICTIM PROTECTION, security guard, wife basher hit buy security guard, Domestic Assistance. Trained Security Guard to protect you against further domestic violence situations. We will help you re-enter a property, escort you to court for the IVO. ( Condition apply ) $350
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⚠️ Cancellations 24 hours prior to the booking incur a $100 fee. ⚠️ No refunds 12 hours prior to booking. 

Choose From Different Types Of Security Guards

Basic ~ Licenced Security Guard Certificate II in Security Operations~ Monitors and Reports ONLY ~ Visible deterrent ~ Perimeter checks ~ Instructional requests ~ Integration with Local Police ~ Asset Protection ~ Back to Base Monitoring, new guard to the industry/student visa.

Standard ~ Licenced Security Guard ~ One or Two Years Experience. Dress code: Black ~ Security I.D Number, and or Hivis. Suitable for: Sports events, Events ~ Parties ~ Private events ~ Crowd Control ( two Guards required ) ~ Asset Protection ~ Static ~ Patrol. Duties: Report & Monitor ~ Customer Care ~ Greeting Patrons ~ Visible deterrent ~ Loss Prevention ~ Parking Marshall ~ Asset Protection. Training: Certificate II ~ First Aid ~ Conflict Management ~ RSA trained. 

Executive Licenced Security Guard ~ “When first impressions matter” ~ Years of experience Dress code: Covert or Black Suit & Smart Attire ~ Security I.D Number. Suitable for: Corporate ~ Parties ~ Private events ~ Major Events.  Duties: ~ Doorman ~ Superior Customer Service ~ Conflict Management ~ Crowd control ( two Guards required ) ~ Report & Monitor ~ Greeting Patrons ~ Visible deterrent ~ Loss Prevention ~ Parking Marshall ~ Perimeter checks ~ Instructional requests ~ Integration with Local Police ~ Asset Protection. Training: Advanced training ~ First Aid ~ Conflict Management ~ Certificate III in Security Operations ~ RSA trained.

Supervisor Security Guard ~ Proven Experience / Training Dress code: Covert or Black Suit, Uniform, Tactical and or HiVis. Suitable for: Domestic, Corporate, Celebrity, High-risk jobs, High-profile cases, Conflict Management. Duties: Body Guarding / Close Protection Officer. Door to door protection and 24-hour protection when needed! Training: Certificate III in Armed Security ~ Bodyguard ~ Fire Licence ~ Tactical ~ First Aid ~ Conflict Management ~ RSA trained.

Armed Security Guard ~ Covert or HiVis Armed guard with all tactical equipment, lock boxes for valuables. An armed guard is a person who is employed or retained to protect, watch or guard any property while being armed with a firearm. Cash-in-transit guard A cash-in-transit guard is a person employed to collect, transfer and/or deliver cash or other valuables while being armed with a firearm. Each year has successfully completed the Victoia Police training, Control Security Risk Situation Using Firearms CPPSEC3008A.

Events and Licenced Venues are subject to the crowd controllers act- for an event, party or venue, it is a requirement to have TWO Licenced Crowd Controllers for the first 100 and for every 100 after ONE extra Licenced Crowd Controller.

Often it is difficult on how to find a list of security companies in Melbourne, and then choosing the one that will supply the better service at the right price.