Supermarket Security

Security Guards Available for Store, Supermarket Security # (COVID-19) Coronavirus, Store Security Guards, Supermarket Security Guards.

Guards are responsible for crowd control and queue management. 
 Stores will limit the customers

At Commencement of shift Our Security will:

  • Your store Security Guard will begin their shift 30 minutes prior to the store opening (larger stores may have 2 Security Guards).
  • The Security Guard must sign in the Store Visitor Book. They then must take a photo of the entry and send this to their employing company.
  • The Security Guard must report to the Manager on Duty at the start of their shift and show them their Security Licence.
  • The Manager on Duty must ensure the Security Guard is wearing a clean uniform which clearly identifies them as ‘Security’.
  • The Manager on Duty must contact the Store Help Desk if the Security Guard does not show up or they have any other complaints.
  • The Manager on Duty must ensure the Security Guard is aware of the Mr Steed procedures. Store opening
  • The Security Guard should assist the Manager on Duty in the inspection of government-issued identification before customers enter the store at the start of Community Hour.
  • The Security Guard should assist in management of customer queuing. This includes walking the line and engaging with customers in a highly visible manner.
  • The Security Guard must deter any anti-social behaviour in a safe non-confrontational manner. During shift
  • The Security Guard must adhere to no physical apprehension or bag checks (unless previously trained and advised to by the Supermarket Security Team).
  • The Security Guard should predominantly stay at the front of the store but can be directed by the Manager on Duty to patrol at risk areas (e.g. toilet paper aisle).
  • The Security Guard must reduce the incidences of theft and other criminal offences by proactively engaging with all customers.
  • The Security Guard must advise the Manager on Duty when leaving their post for a break, as well as the duration of the break, and where that break will be taken.
  • The Security Guard must report major theft or serious incidents (including complaints) to the Manager on Duty.
  • The Manager on Duty must then report serious incidents
  • The Security Guard’s shift will end 30 minutes after the store closes.
  • The Security Guard should assist the Manager on Duty in closing the store.
  • The Security Guard can escort team members to their vehicles once the store is closed and there is time before the end of their shift.
  • The Security Guard should sign out of the Store Visitor Book at end of their shift and inform the Manager on Duty that they are leaving.