Torquay Security Guards

Torquay Security Guards

In Torquay 3228 have available for any short notice security work, licenced experienced security on call.

Torquay Security Guards

Torquay Security Guards

Do you need a Torquay Security Guards on short notice?

Geelong Static Guard to protect property or assets!

Torquay Crowd controller to cover a shift!

An unexpected situation where you need a Security guard in Torquay.

Phone: (03) 9005 7670

Local: 1300 677 428  


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Security Guards Melbourne ACN: 121-241-674 | ABN: 75-121-241-674 (since 2006)
Torquay Security Guards Short Notice Melbourne Security Guard Provider that you can trust.

Fully licensed by the Victoria Police Firearms License: 758-987-50H Security Business license: 758-987-02S    ASIAL member: 041563

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Reference for Corrective Services Pty Ltd 

I have engaged the services of Corrective Services Pty Ltd in my capacity as Director of The Nightjar Festival in Torquay and Geelong. This is a festival that attracted from 5,000 in Geelong to over 15,000 patrons in Torquay.  Nightjar is a licensed festival with red lined areas. The large space was fenced around its perimeter, which needed patrolling for fence jumping.

We had tried several security companies before this, finding them unsatisfying. After engaging Corrective Services Pty Ltd we were impressed with their professionalism and non-confronting attitude of the company. The guards were approachable and proactive in resolving issues that arose.

I found Corrective Services Pty Ltd to be very supportive and a caring business that were there for us above and beyond what was required of them.  I am grateful for their support over the four years we worked with Grant and his team at Corrective Services Pty Ltd.


Kyla Beale .

Former Director of Nightjar Entertainment Pty Ltd


To Whom it May Concern,

I have engaged the services of Corrective Services Pty Ltd in my capacity as Directress of Moon Mother Productions for over 10 years. They have been involved in a lot of varying festivals & events ranging from major Sports Events like Amy’s Gran Fondo in Lorne, Torquay Anzac Day and major events across Melbourne for both Councils and Private organisations & Event Companies.

The capacity of these events have ranged from 1,000 to 20,000 people. in Geelong to over 15,000 patrons in Torquay.

We use several security companies in this capacity throughout Melbourne and have found Corrective Services Pty Ltd to be as good if not better.
Grant has always been very supportive and thorough with his approach to our events whether he has dealt directly with us or direct with my clients.

Moon Mother will continue to work with Grant and his team at Corrective Services Pty Ltd.

Kind Regards

Jenny Moon
Moon Mother Productions Pty Ltd