Event & Festival Security Guards

Event & Festival Security Guards

We have the experience with Event & Festival Security Guards, the pick of the crop with selected crowd controllers. Cost effective reliable experienced security to protect your Festival or Event. We come fully equipment with Fire extinguishers, First aid Station & kits , Radios and HiVis Vests. Australia Day Events, Street Festivals & Markets

Our services include:

  • Crowd controllers & Response Units (ERU).
  • Bump in or bump out Static Guards for assets protection.
  • First Aid Services
  • Fire extinguishers Hire
  • Armed Guards for CIT  ( Cash Transfers )
  • Night Security mobile Patrols
  • Parking Marshells
  • Command Centre Supervisors

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Security Guards Melbourne
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Static Guards ~ Crowd Controllers ~ Bodyguards ~ Armed Guards 
~ Investigators ~ Surveillance  

Security Business license: 758-987-02S I Victorian Firearms License: 758-987-50H

Event Safety Management

1.1 Planning

Well planned events are safe events  – by using systematic planning processes, event organisers can identify potential hazards, determine risks and then eliminate them or minimise their impact.

Good planning systems means being prepared well in advance and ensuring that safety is a priority throughout the event, including initial bump in /out

1.2 Event Stakeholders

    • Event stakeholders
    • Staff and volunteers
    • Contractors
    • Security Services
    • Emergency Services
    • Local Council 
    • Transport Services
  • Visitors

1.3 Hazard Identification

    • Human – Including type and size of crowd expected, public safety, security and traffic
    • Technological – Including Mechanical utilities such as gas and electricity as well as equipment
    • Natural – Including the physical location and site conditions
    • Environmental – Including weather, ground impact, Environmental Protection Authority requirements, Authority requirements
  • Event Image – How do we want to be known after the event

1.4 Risk Assessment

When determining a risk rating using the risk assessment matrix for each hazard we have taken the following things into consideration

    • The Consequence – what could happen, the extent of harm.
  • The Likelihood – chances or possibility of it occurring

After the risk assessment is completed  risk control measures are then implemented to either eliminate or reduce the likelihood of the risk

1.5 Inductions

All Contractors, staff and volunteers to be inducted into the site prior to the commencement of the event.

1.6 Licensed Areas

    • Limited liquor licence obtained from VCGLR prior to event
    • All stalls serving liquor must display their limited liquor licence within their stand, visible to the general public. In addition vendors must also clearly display responsible service of alcohol signage
    • All staff members distributing liquor must have completed a ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ qualification
  • All Staff members who have a current and valid RSA must use this know