Victim Of Crime Protection

Violence involves enormous and diverse forms of harm.

Victim Of Crime Protection, By law, you are considered a victim of crime if you have suffered physical injury, emotional injury or financial loss because of a crime.

Hire Your Own Personal Security Guard For Protection and Support

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Court Appearances Personal Support Security Guard

When your a Victim Of Crime and or Witness of a Crime you will need to attend court possibly several times, being frighted and intimidated can be reduce by having a Your Own Personal Support Security Guard attend with you from home to court and back home.

Security Guards Melbourne will uphold the following principles when supporting victims and their needs by:

  • treating all victims with dignity and respect
  • be fully considerate with a victim’s privacy
  • being inclusive of all parties close to the victim
  • providing victims with timely and appropriate protection as long as required
  • intervening early on the issues associated with crime and victimization

If you have witnessed a crime or are supporting a victim of crime, you might also be able to get financial assistance, to cover the costs relating to hiring one of our security guards.

This information can be found at these documents: Victims Charter Act 2006 and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, Information Privacy Act 2000

Find a safe place. Your safety (and that of anyone else involved) is of prime importance.

You can get information, advice and support (including access to counselling) by calling the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817.

Injuries may be threatened or inflicted upon victims, witnesses or their families, and threats may even be made against lives. In addition to the strong human rights incentives for assisting and protecting people who have fallen victim to or witnessed serious crimes, there are criminal justice incentives for doing so.

The Role of Private Security in Supporting Police Responses to Domestic Violence and the continuing support with Support Security Guard Melbourne Services.

**All our Security Supervisors attended the Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Forum and all Guards have a National Police Check.