What To Do When an Airbnb Guest Won’t Leave in Melbourne.

Complimentary free service for the initial inquiry. We will contact the tenant and try and convince them to move out willingly before the cost of security is engaged.. This works often. It just takes a bit of a nudge ! texts and phone calls from us and then sometimes they leave willingly. This can save the property managers several dollars..

In a perfect world, all of the travellers who pass through your Melbourne short-term rental properties would not break any rules, leave the place spotless, and not damage property or throw parties.

An inevitable aspect of property management is dealing with the occasional less-than-charming houseguest, but we’ve got effective ways of minimising the damage with our specialised services.


How to Remove a Bad Airbnb Guest causing damage or overstay in Melbourne,

What to do when guests damage you’re Airbnb,

Bad guest, want them removed TODAY – no responses from Airbnb,

First things, soon as you know that the house rules have been broken like parties or property damage, and or Overstay.

  1. Contact us by phone or email.
  2. Arrange for a set of keys for us to pick up.
  3. Send us any details about the guests and their contact details.
  4. We will contact the tenant first see if we can get them out with texts and phone calls, ( free Service)
  5. If no success with in a reasonable time, we will send two trained and experienced security officers to confront the situation.
  6. The security officers will take photos and record any conversations and video any confrontation.
  7. If the belligerent guest, does not leave willingly in a timely manner, it will be escalated involving the police. ( Police do not attend to Civil Matters)
  8. Security Will stay on the premises inside until the matter is resolved to protect the assets and insure that the belligerent guest exits the building and hands over the keys.
  9. If the locks need changing we will wait for lock smith.

The guest is legally liable to pay eviction costs by signing the guest agreement form.

Below interesting information

Property owners and landlords have an obligation to make sure that their property is not being used for unruly parties. Owners corporations and residents can take action against owners and guests, who are now jointly and individually liable for any compensation, fines, and awards for damage to common property..

Unruly parties at short-stay apartments

The changes permit the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to:

  • impose fines of up to $1100 for breaches of the Act
  • award compensation of up to $2000 to affected residents for loss of amenity
  • stop apartments that have been used for unruly parties from being rented out for short-stay accommodation for a period of time.

Eviction short-stay Guest from apartments in Melbourne, Eviction Airbnb Guest Melbourne,

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