Licensed Venues

Melbourne’s eclectic array of licensed venues, from trendy bars to upscale clubs, requires vigilant security to maintain order and prevent disturbances. Our licensed venue security guards are adept at crowd management, ID verification, and diffusing potential conflicts, ensuring patrons can enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Mobile Patrol

With a city as expansive as Melbourne, mobile patrol services offer a dynamic solution to monitor multiple locations efficiently. Our mobile patrols utilize advanced technology and strategic routes to deter criminal activity and conduct thorough inspections, providing comprehensive security coverage across various neighborhoods and districts.

Personal Protection

For individuals requiring personalized security, whether due to high-profile status or specific threats, our team offers discreet and professional personal protection services. Our trained bodyguards prioritize client safety, employing risk assessment strategies and proactive measures to mitigate potential risks and ensure peace of mind.

Private Functions

From exclusive galas to intimate gatherings, private functions demand tailored security solutions to safeguard guests and assets. Our security personnel are trained to handle diverse event scenarios, offering discreet yet effective protection to ensure the smooth execution of any private event.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are not just about networking and business; they also represent significant investments of time and resources. Our security guards are well-versed in corporate event security protocols, from access control to emergency response planning, ensuring the seamless operation of conferences, seminars, and corporate gatherings.

Sporting Events

With Melbourne’s passion for sports reaching fever pitch, ensuring the safety of spectators, athletes, and staff is paramount. Our security team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of sporting events, implementing crowd management strategies and maintaining a visible yet unobtrusive presence to uphold the integrity of the event.

Static Security

Certain locations, such as construction sites, retail establishments, and shopping centers, require static security measures to deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Our static security guards undergo rigorous training to protect assets and maintain order, employing surveillance techniques and access control protocols to mitigate potential risks.

Birthday Parties

Even joyous occasions like birthday parties can benefit from professional security services to ensure the safety and well-being of guests. Our security personnel are adept at managing guest lists, monitoring entrances and exits, and intervening in any situations that may compromise the event’s enjoyment.

Fire warden

Duties of Fire Wardens: Fire wardens play a pivotal role in fire safety management within any organization or establishment. Emergency Response ~ Fire Prevention ~ Evacuation Coordination ~ Fire Equipment Location ~ Maintenance

Construction Sites

Construction sites are vulnerable to theft, trespassing, and vandalism, making robust security measures essential. Our security guards are trained to patrol construction sites diligently, identify potential security breaches, and enforce safety protocols to protect equipment, materials, and personnel.

Retail Security

Retail establishments face various security challenges, from shoplifting to organized crime. Our retail security guards are trained to detect suspicious behavior, deter theft, and provide a visible presence to enhance customer confidence and safety within retail environments.

Shopping Centres

As hubs of commerce and social activity, shopping centres require comprehensive security solutions to address diverse risks. Our security personnel are adept at patrolling shopping precincts, assisting patrons, and collaborating with law enforcement to maintain a secure environment for shoppers and retailers alike.

In a dynamic city like Melbourne, where events unfold around the clock, having reliable security guards available on short notice is indispensable. Our team is committed to providing tailored security solutions that meet the unique needs of each client and setting, ensuring the protection of assets, individuals, and communities across the city. Whether it’s overseeing licensed venues, securing private functions, or safeguarding construction sites, our experienced security professionals are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and security, making Melbourne a safer place for all.

Conflict Managment Services

We understand the complexities of commercial property disputes and offer tailored conflict management services to address them. One specific scenario we encounter frequently is lock-ins and lock outs, especially when there’s a dispute between a tenant and a landlord.


Our expert security guard services are designed to safeguard assets and prevent their unauthorised removal, particularly during business recovery and insolvency proceedings.