Bodyguard Personal Protection

Our Professional Security Officers and Bodyguards are highly trained and are ready to handle any situation that may come their way.

Celebrities, Cast Crew, Actors, Reality Stars, Musicians, Dancers, Athletes, and News Correspondents. Diplomats, Executive Directors, Chief executive officer CEO, Private Lenders and Investors, Vendors, and TRUST Trustees.

We offer a total package of services tailored security and bodyguard services that is customised to you’re specific needs.  Whether you need Close Personal Protection Bodyguard services.

Executive Services,  VehicleTransfers with Bodyguard driver,  to assist you too and from meetings and specific public locations.

Our specific security services in Sydney and Melbourne, but we can travel all over Australia with you. 

Celebrities and Directors are always in the public eye and are exposed to many types of risk, threat or social media exposure. Personal Protection is always a constant and will always need assessing and checking.

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