Landlords & Bad Commercial Tenants

How to evict commercial tenants in Victoria ? Firstly, make sure that you have a legal right to do so ! the tenant must be in default, be given plenty of notice and both parties have exhausted all other options to resolve the situation.

At all times, make sure that the conversations are own writing not verbal you can gauge engage a solicitor, but you can do it yourself as long as your savvy and streetsmart to make sure that everything is in writing, and nothing is said that is unfair.

Our services is to assist and secure the premises during the exit strategy of the Bad Commercial Tenant, with onsite security and over night services to ensure that the assets are protected.

After the Tenant Lockout, it is always going to be a lengthy period of allowing supervised access for the Tenant to remove their assets with out damaging the property. General up to 28 days ! then after that period the items left on the site could be deemed as abandoned, if the tenant has made no effort to remove the items. ( Get Legal Advise )

You can also go down the legal path ! Cases VCAT can hear:

VCAT can hear all types of disputes concerning retail and commercial tenancies. These disputes include:

  • injunction applications
  • relief from forfeiture of lease applications
  • recovery of rent and outgoings in arrears
  • rent review disputes
  • whether options to renew have been exercised
  • recovery of key money
  • damages to leased premises
  • compensation for interference or disruption to trading.

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