Secure Asset Transportation

Unarmed secure logistics operatives (cash in transit guards) who can perform overt or covert with ease throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Secure Asset Transportation

Secure Discreet transport of Precious cargo or Asset Transportation, Discreet collection, delivery and guarding services.

Our discreet transport secure logistics (cash in transit guards) who can perform overt or covert services with ease throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, cost-effective solution for lower value movements of goods without sacrificing service or quality. 

Services include:

  • Discreet cash in transit.
  • Legal documents transported.
  • Guarded transport of assets.
  • Antiques and Jewelry secured and transported.

We respect the care you take to secure your valuable cargo. So when it’s time to be moved, we go above and beyond to collect, handle, transport, store and deliver your precious goods in the best possible way.

Combined & Products Liability AUD20,000,000

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Melbourne Mobile Security Service,
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Contact us direct Mobile: 0467 341 387 Melbourne: (03) 9005 7670

Operations Manager ABN: 75-121-241-674 (since 2006)

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Security Business license: 758-987-02S