Working With Children Checked

We have a list of pre-selected female and male security guards suitable for events with working with children’s checks and first aid trained.

It’s this extra level of service that we pride ourselves on being able to supply the right staff for the right job.

Having security guards with Working With Children Checks (WWCC) for events can provide several benefits:

  1. Safety of children: If your event involves the presence of children, having security guards with WWCC ensures an added layer of safety and protection. These guards have undergone a background check to ensure they have not been involved in any criminal activities or have any charges related to child abuse or exploitation.
  2. Parental peace of mind: Parents attending the event will feel more at ease knowing that there are security guards present who have been vetted and cleared through the WWCC process. This can enhance the overall experience for families and increase attendance and participation.
  3. Trust and reputation: By visibly demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of children at your event, you can build trust with attendees and the community. This can enhance your reputation and make your event more appealing to families and organizations that prioritize child safety.
  4. Compliance with regulations: Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be legal requirements or regulations in place for events involving children. Hiring security guards with WWCC helps ensure compliance with these regulations, protecting you from potential legal issues.
  5. Immediate response to potential issues: Security guards are trained to deal with various situations effectively. In the case of an incident or potential threat at the event involving children, guards with WWCC can respond quickly and appropriately, ensuring the safety and well-being of the children.
  6. Professionalism and expertise: Security guards with WWCC bring professionalism and expertise to your event. They are trained in crowd management, conflict resolution, and emergency response, ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

It is important to note that while having security guards with WWCC adds an extra layer of protection, it is not a guarantee of absolute safety. It is always advisable to have proper event planning, risk assessment, and other necessary security measures in place to ensure the overall safety and success of your event.

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