Emergency Call outs for Property Managers, Facility Managers @ Security Guards Melbourne

Property managers,  facility managers  and  Real Estate agents  Are always faced with last-minute dramas of damage to property and repairs and maintenance  getting trades to turn up on time.  Often, the assets are left unprotected or unsecured when the garage roller door breaks down and or is stuck open  or someone has broken and or disabled a front door to the building complex.  And of course the building manager are dealing with the chairperson or the tenants representatives about the security of the building.  The solution is to have a security guard arrive on site as soon as possible to make sure that only authorised tenants or trades persons can enter the property.  Often, this is for overnight for 24 hours at least  until the repairs can be made  having a security guard. onsite with Signage and bollards to inform the public of the hazards and have a visual appearance is the services we all look fore.  

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