Event Security Guard Melbourne – Private Special Occassions Safe Secure

You’re planning your event, and there’s so much to do with catering, guest lists, and venue either is a hired venue or its at home.

The one thing you need to have booked is Security! no hassles, easily booked, reliable and professional and confident that will they take care of us on the night. ?

So Like me with past Parties I have hosted.

There is so much to do in one of the things that is always left last minute is Security do I need it? Is it cost-effective will they make my evening hassle-free?

I guess the pros and cons are that they’re all trained in first aid and in RSA responsible for serving of alcohol to deal with intoxicated people

The last Security guard even had a Working With Children Check which was kinda good to know.

The duties I want them to do is check the guestlist at the entry to make sure no one that is not invited enter. or Try to crash the party

Deal with any vagrants or over-intoxicated people who will just spoil the party.

If there’s a medical situation, at least I know there’s a First aid trained person on site

And I know if there’s any trouble my uncle who said who take care of it, he’s probably going to be very drunk by the end of the night anyway,

I know that to Security Guard can assist with the situation and make it safe for other guests..

The last Security Guard we hired, even arranged taxis and Ubers to make sure that everyone got home safely, I think that is the most important part of the evening, just to make sure that everyone gets home safely.

The Security Guard even went as far as taking a photo of the Uber driver’s rego and ID to make sure that a few of the intoxicated female guests got home safely.

You know what I mean it’s the what if ! and it’s the care factor of that Security Guard, they gave us peace of mind..

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